Tea List

We only select the highest quality pure leaf teas and handcrafted teas. Most teas are 100{11cc7521788d75a89b22da55917852ba4f2be50d615a9d1925f266dbc91877ee} organic & Certified organic.

Green Tea

Jasmine Pearl (China) $7.50
Known as “Mou Li Hua Cha”. The finest green tea heated infused with jasmine flowers.Very pleasant, sweet, fragrant green tea

Dragonwell (China) $7.50
Known as “Long Jing” one of the premier Chinese green tea.Rich, toasty aroma reminiscent of roasted chestnuts, smooth, vegetal, earthy flavor

Lotus (Vietnam) $7.50
Small green leaf tea and lotus flower petals. Strong green tea with a crisp flavor, aromatic fragrance of lotus, reminiscent of anise and vanilla

Oolong Tea

Green Dragon (China) $7.50
Toasted, Raw greens taste and smooth golden infusion

Wuyi (China) $7.50
Fruity with hints of smokiness

Black Tea

Earl Grey $7.50
A hand-crafted blend of Organic black tea and organic bergamot Essence. Fresh, citrusy & slightly floral. Help to stabilize emotion, promote positive thoughts and relieve anxiety, relax brain & induce sleep

Tippy South Cloud (China) $7.50
A famous Chinese Black tea. A mix of black & gold tipped leaves. Smooth, slightly smoky with taste similar to roasted potatoes

Herbal Tea

Chrysanthemum (Healing Tea) $7.50
Remarkable Health Tea to treat the skin problem, reduce aging, increase the immunity power

Tulsi (India) $7.50
Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) Indian Basil- one of roughly 60 spices of the genus Ocimum. Peppery, crisp, cooling, mellower taste.