Siam Lotus Specials

honey-crispy-chicken-(1-of-1) - Copy
SP1. BBQ Duck Curry $24.95
Tender roasted duck simmered in coconut milk and red curry, pineapple, cherry tomato, kaffir lime leave and sweet basil leaves

orange-duck-(1-of-1) - Copy
SP2. Cinnamon Orange Duck $24.95
Roasted duck served with cinnamon-orange glazed sauce, star anise, orange and steamed asparagus
SP3. Yum Rainbow Trout $20.50
Deep fried de-boned rainbow trout, served with carrots-cabbage salad, cashew nuts, lime juice and mint leaves

SP4. Prawns Asparagus $17.95
Fresh Asparagus wok’s fried with red chili sauce, bell pepper and sweet basil leaves

SP5. Herbal Clam Chowder $8.50 Cup/$15 Bowl
Healthy & Creamy Chowder with Sea Clam, bacon, potatoes, onion, celery, red bell pepper, Kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, oregano & coconut milk

SP6. Honey Crispy Chicken $16.95
Lightly battered chicken, then fried to a crisp and stir-fried with homemade honey tangy sauce, fried garlic, roasted coconut & crispy basil leaves

honey-crispy-chicken-(1-of-1) - Copy
SP7. Grilled Halibut $26
Grilled fresh Halibut steak, served on the bed of steamed asparagus, green onion, fried onion,parsley and zesty sweet & sour chili sauce
mango-paradise-(1-of-1) - Copy
SP8. Summer Fire Halibut $26
Lighty fried Halibut Fillet to a crisp, sauteed with red curry sauce, bamboo shoot, krachai herb, fresh green bean, bell pepper and kaffir lime leaves

SP9. Mango Paradise $17.95
Fresh yellow mango and prawns sautéed with sweet chili paste, bell pepper and green onion

SP10. Seafood Curry in Young Coconut $20.95
The mixture combination of salmon fillet, scallops, mussel, clams, prawns & calimari
Simmered in Siam Lotus’Famous red curry with basil; served in a young coconut shell

SP11. Dancing String Beans $17.50
Crispy fresh green beans sauteed with crunchy fried boneless chicken nuggets, freshly chopped garlic and bell pepper in the flavorful garlic sauce

SP12. Princess of Curry $16.95
Stir-fried green curry with Chicken, Thai eggplant, peas, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, kaffir lime leaves, sweet basil leaves and a touch of coconut milk

SP13. Lemongrass Chicken $15.95
Boneless chicken white meat marinated in garlic, soy sauce, lemongrass and lime leaves and then grilled and topped with SIAM peanut sauce served with broccoli

SP14. Spicy Green Bean (Vegan) $16.50
Sauteed fresh green bean, bell pepper, chili with garlic black bean sauce

SP15. Panang Beef Curry $17.95
Our Famous Signature dish. Slow simmerd Beef until fork tender, Panang Curry with coconut milk, green bean, bell peppers and with finely chopped kaffir lime leaves