Mieng-kum-shooter-(1-of-1) - Copy

Crispy--roll-(1-of-1) - Copy
1. Crispy Rolls (4 rolls) $7.95
Chopped Vegetables, clear noodles, black mushrooms wrapped in spring roll wrapper & deep-fried. Served with sweet plum sauce
2. Fresh Salad Rolls (3 rolls) $7.95
Mixed salad, rice noodles wrapped in soft rice paper. Served with House peanut sauce drizzled with sweet & sour sauce
calamari-(1-of-1) - Copy
3. Calamari $12.75

Lightly battered calamari, then lightly fried, tossed with jalapeno, salt and black pepper. Served with sweet & sour sauce

4. Chicken Pot Sticker (8 pieces) $8.95

Minced chicken, chopped cabbage, garlic stuffed in wheat wrapper; served with ginger soy sauce

5. Basil Crab Rangoon (6 pieces) $9.50
Chopped basil, imitation crab, cream cheese wrapped in wonton skin, then deep-fried to golden brown. Served with sweet chili sauce

Mieng-kum-shooter-(1-of-1) - Copy
6. Miang-Kum Shooter $10.50

Roasted coconut flake, shallot, ginger, dried shrimps, lime wedges, roasted peanut and chopped Thai chili wrapped in La Lot Leaf. Served with a delicious sweet chutney style sauce in shot glasses

Chicken-Satay - Copy
7. Chicken Satay (4 skewers) $9.95

Marinated tender chicken breast in mixture of coconut milk and Thai spices, then grilled to perfection. Served with house peanut sauce

Caramelizes-Chicken-wings-(1-of-1) - Copy
8. Caramelized Chicken Wings (6 pieces) $11.75

Deep-fried chicken wings caramelized with red cooking wine and sautéed in pepper garlic sauce

9. Coconut Prawns (6 pieces) $10

Whole prawns tossed with sweet coconut flake & deep-fried to golden brown. Served with sweet chili sauce.

Crazy-shrimp-(1-of-1) - Copy
10. Crazy Shrimps $12.50

Quick poached shrimps tossed with spicy lime vinaigrette

Gai-hor-bai-toey-(1-of-1) - Copy
11. Gai Hor Bai Toey (6 pieces)

Marinated chicken thighs wrapped in aromatic and flavorful Pandanus leaves then deep-fried. Served with sweet dipping sauce and sesame.

12. Fried Tofu (6 pieces) $8.50
Sliced fresh tofu fried to a crisp and served with sweet & sour sauce & crushed peanut.

13. Shrimp Rolls (6 pieces) $11
Whole shrimps wrapped with wonton wrapper, deep-fried to a crisp. Served with house plum sauce

14. Sample Platter $16
A sampling of a variety plates included Chicken Satay, Gai Hor Bai Toey, Salad Rolls & Crispy Rolls